A replica of my feed @ Sharkey

@a1ba@suya.place nice :neofox_thumbsup:

Aha, I switched back to ArchLinux again🤣, I need more time to learning flakes. But anyway, NixOS is an amazing system.

I dived into the #rust in the several past weeks, which energizes me and so amazing.

Finally, I switched from #archlinux to #nixos successfully! It takes me almost 2 weeks on customizing steps, especially neovim, I want to setup it with LazyVim IDE, but it doesn't works, then I found #Astronvim, I install andconfigured it with only nix declarative configuration file, and it works very well, I like it! Btw, I setup my nixos configuration using #flakes feature for building system and system-wide settings, and using home-manager for user specified configuration. There are many more optimizations need to do, I'll keep doing it.


#NixOS is hard, #flakes is even more

I just restarted my #Nixos experience again, wish me luck!

I switched my account to the Sharkey instance, but I lost all my posts😥