Two Pens

by xypnox

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In a busy school,
two friends sat together
in mutual distrust.
Each buying the same
luxury pen last weekend
and that hurt
their swag level.

The first of the two
used the pen far and few
the second didn’t.
He abused the pen
to scratches and scuffs
having no care at all,
for him, it was
just another pen.

Days passed, Weeks passed.
The first’s pen shinned,
where the seconds dulled.
Jealousy rose again
in second’s heart.
He was silent and discrete
and switched his pen
with the first’s!

The first discovered however
the second’s crime.
He ran to the teacher
with teenage whine.
The teacher was already tired
Said that the pens were the same
and punished the first
for being so lame.

The first swallowed the truth
and took the pen that
the second misused.
He dumped the pen
with scratches and scruffs
into the dustbin
even if it worked just fine
“Because it wasn’t mine”.

The next day, the first returned
Blood filled with anger
and eyes with revenge.
He took the pen
that the second stole
and twine in half
the beauty parted in two.

He stood there
with the pen he cared for
for days, for weeks
broken in his hands
and eyes wet with tears.
For love is strong
but weak in the face of hate.